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Miele CM7750 Coffeeselect Super Automatic Coffee Machine- Obsidian Black

Brand: Miele
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Miele CM7750 CoffeeSelect - Obsidian Black

Is this the right model for you? Should you buy this model? To help you decide, we’ve answered the most common questions our customers ask. Hopefully, you’ll know exactly if this is the right model for you when you read through.

What types of coffee can this machine make?

This model can make pretty much any drink you'd like. It has 19 drink selections on the menu, offering a single serving or 2 servings at the same time:  Ristretto, 2 x Ristretto, Espresso, 2 × Espresso, Coffee, 2 × Coffee, Long Coffee, 2x Long Coffees, Cappuccino, 2x Cappuccinos, Latte macchiato, 2x Latte macchiatosHot Milk, Milk Froth, Espresso Machiato, 2x Espresso Machiatos, Capuccino Italiano, 2 x Capuccino Italianos, Flat White, 2 x Flat Whites, Café au lait, 2x Café au laites, Caffè latte, 2 x Caffè lattes, Hot water for Green Tea, Black Tea, Herbal Tea, Fruit Tea, White Tea, Japanese Tea.

Why is it called CoffeeSelect?

Because this model has 3 separate bean hoppers, meaning each containers holds different bean types. You choose the most suitable bean for your drink manually, or automatically by programming the machine accordingly. Enjoy espresso made with espresso beans or a latte using Decaf beans. Beverages are always prepared using one bean type as no remnants remain in the system from the previously used beans.

What is the capacity of the water reservoir?

The model has a 2.2-liter water reservoir, which allows you to brew 12-14 drinks (depending on the drinks) before needing a refill. We recommend this model for any size household.

Does it have a built-in grinder?

Yes. This model has a built-in grinder with 5 adjustable settings, ensuring your coffee is made from freshly ground beans every time.

Can I use non-dairy milk alternatives with the milk frother?

Yes, Although Miele's milk frothing system works best with 2-3% dairy milk, the "Barista" version of various non-dairy milk alternatives like almond, soy, and oat milk work as well allowing you to enjoy your favorite drinks with the milk of your choice.

Is it user-friendly?

Absolutely. That is the whole point. This is the only Miele model that gets a touch screen. A large one too. That makes it even easier to use the machine. No learning curves are required.

Is it easy to clean and maintain?

Yes, Miele machines are easy to maintain. This machine rinses itself every time you turn it on or off. It cleans the milk pipe work automatically without your involvement. You do need to descale the unit every 2-3 months (depending on usage and water hardness), and you need to clean the machine using cleaning tablets (a really easy, hands-off process) every 2-3 months. The machine notifies you when it is time to descale or clean and fully guides you through the process with instructions right on the screen. It is super easy, and anyone can do it.

Can it make two cups at once?

Yes. This model allows for two cups of any drink you choose to be made at the same time. But that is not all. This model also has a Double Shot function. The DoubleShot feature prepares the beverage with double the amount of coffee/espresso, but with reduced extraction time.

What are the dimensions and weight?

This is a medium size model with dimensions (W × H × D) of 12.5 in × 16.6 in × 18 in. It weighs 22 pounds.

Is this machine suitable for beginners?

Yes, if you can turn on a TV or operate a microwave, you can use this machine. Even beginners will find Miele machines easy to use with their intuitive interfaces, step-by-step guides, and automatic maintenance prompts. 

Is it compatible with coffee beans, coffee pods, or ground coffee?

This machine works with coffee beans in the main hopper and has a ground coffee chute, giving you flexibility. It does not use coffee pods. One of the key features of this machine is that it grinds coffee beans and brews fresh coffee for every cup, unlike coffee pod machines.

Does it have programmable settings?

Absolutely. With programmable settings, you can get Programmable water quantity, Programmable water temperature, Programmable amount of milk, Programmable amount of milk froth, Programmable pre-brewing. Choose from 7 intensity levels (6-14 grams dose) for coffee strength. Choose milk amount (4-60 seconds) and foam (4-60 seconds) to achieve the perfect creamy balance. Opt for High, Medium, or Maximum, depending on your preference or select from 3 levels: off, short, or long, for the precise taste profile.

How does it handle milk frothing?

Miele's advanced milk frothing system creates barista-quality, finely textured foam, perfect for lattes and cappuccinos. 

What size cups can the Miele machine accommodate?

The adjustable spout height can accommodate cup sizes up to 6 3/8 inches.

Does this machine come in different colors?

Not at this time.

What kind of user support and resources are available?

We are Miele Experts and happy to help with any questions. Also, Miele offers extensive customer support, including user manuals, online tutorials, and a dedicated customer service team to assist with any questions or issues.

Does it have a warranty?

Yes, it comes with a comprehensive 2-year warranty (parts and labor included) for your peace of mind.

Anything else I should consider before buying this model?

No, the CM6360 is the best-selling model in the Miele lineup for good reason. It includes all the necessary features and makes all the popular drinks. It is super easy to own, operate, and maintain. The maintenance costs are low, and it is user-friendly. It checks all the boxes. Whether it is your first coffee machine or an upgrade, you will not outgrow this model for years. Additionally, it helps that it’s a Swiss-made machine, so the quality is top-notch.

Enjoyment Perfected

This freedom of choice ensures maximum enjoyment: prepare your favorite coffee specialty using the right type of bean. Three containers hold different types of beans. When you choose a coffee specialty, the most suitable bean can be selected manually, or automatically when you program the machine accordingly. Enjoy espresso made with espresso beans – always prepared using one type of bean as no remnants remain in the system from previous uses.

Discover the epitome of coffee excellence with the Miele CM7750, a countertop coffee machine crafted for maximum flexibility and unparalleled convenience.

Key Features:

  • CoffeeSelect: Choose from three bean containers to ensure your specialty coffee is always brewed with the right type of beans.
  • AutoDescale: Forget manual descaling. The CM7750 takes care of it automatically, ensuring a longer lifespan and consistent coffee quality.
  • AromaticSystemFresh: Always enjoy your coffee from freshly ground beans for maximum aroma and taste.
  • OneTouch for Two: Brew two cups of coffee simultaneously with just a single touch, perfect for busy mornings or sharing moments.
  • WiFiConn@ct: Seamlessly communicate with your machine through Wi-Fi, allowing for effortless operation and updates.
  • CupSensor: This feature recognizes the height of your cup and adjusts the central spout's position for perfect pours, preventing splashes and ensuring optimal coffee temperature.
  • CM Touch Display: Navigate and select your preferred coffee settings with ease using the intuitive touch screen display.
  • Efficient Cleaning: With removable components and automated cleaning processes, maintaining your machine's hygiene is effortless.
  • Milk System: Elevate your cappuccinos and lattes with the finest-textured milk froth, consistently delivered by the Miele CM7750.
  • Coffee Pot and Teapot Function: Hosting guests? Dispense up to 8 cups of coffee consecutively or dispense water for tea, ensuring everyone is catered to without delay.
What's in the Box?

Miele CM7750 (Obsidian Black) | 2X Descaling Tablets | Descaling Cartridge | 6X Cleaning Tablets | Milk Pipe Tube | Glass Milk Container | Instruction Booklet


Ristretto | Espresso | Coffee | Cappuccino | Long Coffee | Latte Macchiato | Cafe Latte | Hot Milk Froth | Espresso Macchiato | Cappuccino Italiano | Café Au Lait | Flat White

Brand Miele
Bean Container Capacity 300 G
Water Container Capacity 2.2 L
Waste Container Capacity 10 Pucks
Drip Container Capacity 0.8 L
Hot Water Spout Yes
Timer Yes
Carafe Yes
Heated Cup Rest Yes
User Profile Yes. 10
Dimensions 12" Width X 16" Height X 18" Deep
Height Adjustment of Spout 80mm-140mm
Drink Specialties 19


User Profile

Save the parameters of your favorite drinks and enjoy your favorite specialty coffee over and over again. You can save up to 10 profiles. The user profile stores all parameters for your favorite drink: Amount of ground coffee, water temperature and amount, and preparation of milk, if applicable. For customized coffee enjoyment.

Coffee Select

This freedom of choice gives maximum coffee enjoyment: prepare your favorite coffee specialty using the right type of bean. Three separate containers hold different bean types. Select the most suitable bean for your drink manually, or automatically by programming the machine accordingly. Enjoy espresso made with espresso beans – beverages are always prepared using one bean type as no remnants remain in the system from the previously used beans.

Coffee & Tea Pot Function

If you have visitors, a touch of a button is all it takes for your appliance to dispense up to 8 cups of coffee one after the other into a coffee pot placed under the spout. The CM 7 can also dispense water for tea in a single cup or a teapot.

Make 2 Drinks at Once

The CM7750 is equipped with a OneTouch for Two function. This function allows you to prepare two delicious coffee specialties simultaneously with a simple push of a button. Simply place a cup under each coffee spout. Tap the 2 cup function and Select a drink.

Ground Coffee Drawer

The Miele CM7750 CoffeeSelect Super Automatic Coffee Machine in Obsidian Black features a ground coffee drawer alongside the bean container. Use this drawer to make a second type of coffee with ready ground coffee. Simply add ground coffee to the chute, enabling you to brew decaffeinated coffee even when the bean container is filled.

Individual Setting

Your Drink, Your Way The preparation parameters can be set individually, depending on the type of coffee and flavour intensity: Grinder setting, amount of coffee, brewing temperature, pre-brewing, and amount of water. That's how you ensure the perfect flavour for your coffee specialty from every type of coffee, every roast. That's how you always get the best flavour for every coffee beverage.

System Lock

The Miele CM7750 CoffeeSelect Super Automatic Coffee Machine in Obsidian Black offers a convenient system lock feature. Simply press a button to activate it, ensuring the appliance is protected from unintended operation. This provides peace of mind, preventing accidental use and maintaining safety in your kitchen.

Easy to Clean

Daily cleaning is carried out by these intelligent appliances almost autonomously. The milk pipework is automatically cleaned after every drink made with milk. The exclusive descaling program, AutoDescale, automatically ensures durability on CM7 models. The drip tray, water container and waste container are easy to remove and dishwasher-safe thanks to ComfortClean. The efficient cleaning functions guarantee hygiene and excellent coffee flavour.

Dishwasher Friendly

Easy cleaning in the dishwasher. The ComfortClean system makes hygiene very easy. Many of the coffee machine parts, such as the water container and the waste container, can be easily cleaned in the dishwasher. This contributes significantly to the proper maintenance of the appliance.

Double Shot Function

More aromatic, less bitter. For all who enjoy strong coffee flavour: the new Double shot. With this option, the beverage is prepared with double the amount* of coffee/espresso but with a shorter extraction time. The result is an especially full and soft coffee aroma without bitter after-taste. Ideal, for example, as espresso, in cappuccino or flat white.

Cup Sensor

The CupSensor makes using your Miele coffee machine easier. The sensor recognizes the height of the cup and positions the central spout accordingly at a height between 8 and 16 cm. The ideal distance prevents splashes and ensures the perfect coffee temperature and the best possible crema. After adding the milk, the central spout moves upwards by 1 cm to prevent soiling.

In Perfect Harmony With Perfect Coffee

Whether you decide to buy a built-in or a freestanding coffee machine from Miele, you are guaranteed to thoroughly enjoy your coffee. Our coffee machines are perfectly designed for making a wide variety of coffee specialities with expertise.

Customer Reviews

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Murat Safarian
Best ever

I love the convenience of having an Americano with a beautiful creamy top in the comfort of my own home!. No comparison to my pour over maker! (Though for a great pot of coffee I love my Moccamaster.)
Before purchasing this counter top Cm6360 model I read many reviews to make sure that I wasn't just pushing the easy button by purchasing the same brand I was used to. The reviews confirmed that this Miele machine is the top choice!
The machine rinses itself upon turning on and off so it requires daily rinsing of the drip tray and tossing out the coffee pucks. It doesn't take me any longer to do this than it did to clean my coffee filter and rinse my coffee pot. It is certainly a nice piece of machinery so expect to occasionally maintain it according to instructions (descale when told to to, etc.). The instructions are clear and easy to follow.
The milk coffee drinks are out of this world. The 3 layer latte will impress anyone.
It is quiet and fast.
Just love it