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Miele CM6160 Milk Perfection Super Automatic Coffee Machine - Obsidian Black

Brand: Miele
SKU: 29616020CDN
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Get $500 off and $130 value for free with the purchase of a Miele CM6160. Limited Quantities. The $130 bundle includes:

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  • 1 Miele Descaling Tablets. 6 Pack. $19.99
  • 1 Miele Milk Container. $89

Miele CM6160 Milk Perfection Coffee/Espresso Machine

Experience the epitome of coffee craftsmanship with the Swiss-Made CM6160 Coffee & Espresso Machine. Revel in cafe-quality drinks at the touch of a button, crafted from freshly ground beans, ensuring a consistent and superior taste every time. Whether you're serving yourself an extra-strong espresso or impressing guests with a latte, you're guaranteed perfection. With the ability to brew two drinks simultaneously, waiting becomes a thing of the past. Maintenance is a breeze, with easily accessible and cleanable components. Plus, enjoy the flexibility of the ground coffee chute for those decaf or flavored moments. Elevate your mornings, save on cafe trips, and never settle for anything less than the best brew at home.

Feature Overview:

  • Origin: Swiss-made, embodying precision and craftsmanship.
  • One-Touch Brewing: 7 front-panel drink selections, with additional choices in the menu. Choose from Espresso, Coffee, Cappuccino, Latte Macchiato, Long Coffee, Espresso Macchiato, Hot water for tea.
  • Bean-to-Cup Freshness: Every drink begins with freshly ground beans.
  • Double Shot Option: Get that extra kick when you need it.
  • 2 Portion Option: Make two drinks at once – less waiting, more savoring.
  • Easy Maintenance: Components that are easy to access and clean.
  • Ground Coffee Chute: Flexible brewing with decaf or flavored coffee options.
  • Brilliant Light: Soft LED ambiance that beautifully highlights your coffee.
  • Customization for All: With 4 user profiles, every member of the household gets their coffee just the way they like.
  • Generous Capacities: A 300g bean container, 1.8L water container, and a 10-puck waste container ensure you're always ready to brew.
  • Height-Adjustable Central Spout: Suits cups of varying sizes.
  • Maintenance Made Easy: A self-rinsing system, 5-grinder settings, and an included glass milk container simplify your coffee ritual.
  • Total Brewing Control: Personalize parameters such as coffee amount, pre-brewing ground coffee, portion size, and temperature.

Your Drink, Tailored to You: With the Miele CM6360, you don't just make coffee; you craft an experience.

  • Coffee Strength: Choose from 7 intensity levels (6-14 grams dose).
  • Water Amount: Whether it's a short 0.5 oz espresso or a full 8.0 oz cup, you're in control.
  • Milk Customization: Adjust milk amount (4-60 seconds) and foam (4-60 seconds) to achieve the perfect creamy balance.
  • Brew Temperature: Opt for High, Medium, or Maximum, depending on your preference.
  • Pre-brewing Control: Select from 3 levels: off, short, or long, for the precise taste profile.

Discover the true coffeehouse experience, right in the heart of your home. The Miele CM6160 promises perfection, a button away. Experience the difference and raise your coffee standards today!

Why should you buy this?:

  1. Cafe Quality, Every Time: With a mere push of a button, indulge in high-quality, consistent cafe drinks right in the comfort of your home. Whether you're a fan of a robust espresso or a creamy latte, this machine has got you covered.

  2. Smart Savings: Why queue at coffee shops when you can be your barista? Save both time and money by crafting your favorite beverages at home. You will never want to spend money on coffee outside your home.

  3. Impress Your Guests: Delight your visitors with a coffee experience that rivals their favorite cafe. They'll be talking about that cup you served long after they leave.

  4. Consistently Great Coffee: Say goodbye to those disappointing coffee moments. With the CM6360, every brew is a good brew.

What's in the Box?

Miele CM6160 (Obsidian Black) | 2X Descaling Tablets | 6X Cleaning Tablets | Milk Pipe Tube | Instruction Booklet


Ristretto(2x) | Espresso(2x) | Coffee(2x) | Cappuccino | Cappuccino Extra Shot | Caffè Barista | Lungo Barista | Espresso doppio | Macchiato | Cortado | Latte macchiato | Latte macchiato Extra Shot | Flat white | Flat White Extra Shot | Portion of milk foam | Hot water

Brand Miele
Bean Container Capacity 300 g
Water Container Capacity 1.8 L
Waste Container Capacity 10 Pucks
Drip Container Capacity 0.8 L
Hot Water Spout Yes
Timer Yes


User Profile

Experience personalized coffee perfection with the Miele CM6160 Milk Perfection Super Automatic Coffee Machine in Obsidian Black and its User Profile feature. Save the parameters of your favorite drinks and indulge in your preferred specialty coffee repeatedly. With the capability to save up to 4 profiles, tailor your coffee experience to your preferences. Each user profile stores all parameters for your favorite drink, including the amount of ground coffee, water temperature and amount, and milk preparation, if applicable, ensuring customized coffee enjoyment with every cup.

Choose your Coffee Strength

Experience customization with the Miele CM6160 Milk Perfection Super Automatic Coffee Machine in Obsidian Black and its Choose Your Coffee Strength feature. This innovative function allows you to adjust the quantity of coffee beans ground and brewed per cup, ranging from 6 to 14 grams. Increase the quantity for a stronger brew or decrease it for a milder taste. Ensure your coffee's perfect balance by fine-tuning the amount of ground coffee brewed, achieving your desired strength without compromising on flavor. With the CM6160, enjoy personalized coffee tailored precisely to your preferences, delivering a consistently delightful coffee experience every time.

Coffee Pot Function

Unlock the convenience of the Coffee Pot Function with the Miele CM6160 Milk Perfection Super Automatic Coffee Machine in Obsidian Black. This feature allows you to prepare multiple cups of coffee automatically, one after the other, perfect for filling a coffee pot (up to 0.75 liters). With the capacity to brew up to six cups consecutively, enjoy effortless coffee preparation for gatherings or indulging in multiple servings throughout the day. Experience the ease and efficiency of the Coffee Pot Function, ensuring everyone can enjoy their favorite brew without the hassle of manual preparation.

Make 2 Portions at Once

With the Miele CM6160 Milk Perfection Super Automatic Coffee Machine in Obsidian Black, enjoy the convenience of its Make 2 Portions at Once feature. Dispense two portions of a drink into one large cup or two separate cups simultaneously. Place a cup under each of the coffee dispensers in the central spout, then press the button before or after starting the drink. The sensor button lights up, initiating dispensing, ensuring you effortlessly enjoy two portions of your desired drink simultaneously.

Ground Coffee Drawer

In addition to the bean container, Miele coffee machines also have a container for ground coffee. You can use this to make a second type of coffee using ready ground coffee. To make drinks using ready-ground coffee, add a portion of ground coffee to the ground coffee chute. This allows you to make a decaffeinated coffee even if the bean container is already filled with regular coffee beans, for example. Only one portion of coffee or espresso can be prepared at a time when using ground coffee. Place a maximum of 0.4 oz (12 g) in the ground coffee chute.

Easy Drink Selection

Experience convenience with the Miele CM6160 Milk Perfection Super Automatic Coffee Machine in Obsidian Black and its easy drink selection feature. Choose from 7 preselected drinks, ranging from classic espressos to creamy cappuccinos. For even more drink options, simply press the menu button to explore additional choices. With this intuitive selection process, enjoy a wide variety of beverages tailored to your preferences at the touch of a button. Whether you crave a bold espresso or a soothing latte, the CM6160 ensures effortless drink selection, making every coffee experience a delight.

Tea Feature

Unlock the full potential of tea brewing with the Miele CM6160 Milk Perfection Super Automatic Coffee Machine in Obsidian Black. Choose from a variety of tea options including Japanese, White, Green, Black, Herbal, and Fruit teas. Each tea selection determines the preset temperature, ensuring optimal brewing conditions. Utilize the TeaTimer function to start a minute minder, while a preset brewing time ensures perfect extraction for your chosen tea type. Experience the versatility of the CM6160, elevating your tea brewing experience with precise temperature control and convenient features for a perfect cup every time.

Easy to Clean

Maintaining cleanliness is effortless with the Miele CM6160 Milk Perfection Super Automatic Coffee Machine in Obsidian Black. Certain components, like the stainless steel cover of the central spout, brew unit, water container lid, bean container lid, and lower panel, require hand cleaning. However, the drip tray and lid, drip tray cover, grounds container, water container, central spout (without stainless steel cover), milk pipework with rinse valve, milk siphon, and milk flask with lid (included depending on model) are all dishwasher-safe. Enjoy the convenience of easy cleaning, ensuring your coffee machine remains pristine and ready to brew delicious beverages.

DoubleShot Feature

Select the DoubleShot function if you would like a particularly strong and aromatic coffee. In this case, more coffee beans will be ground and brewed halfway through brewing. The shorter extraction time means that fewer unwanted aromas and bitter compounds will be released. To make a double shot, press the Doubleshot button immediately before or after you start making a drink. Dispensing starts and the doubleshot button lights up. 2 portions of coffee beans will be ground and brewed.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
The best thing I bought for my office.

Love the drinks, love the look, love the ease of use, love the quiet and fast operations. I also love the pre grind shoot for flavored coffee. I also love the 2 drinks at once including the milk based drinks. I love the hot water spot. I love that I can remove the brew unit to wash it. I wish the dump tray was larger. I need to empty it and refill the beans and water tank 3 to 4 times a day. ( we use it in our dental office)

Leave it to Germans

Another wonderful high tech product my Miele. I had lived in Germany for 5 years and know Miele quality very well. What surprises me is that Miele in the North America is not as known as in Europe. They make the best period. This coffee machine has everything you want at best quality possible at very good price. I know coffee and I am very particular about my coffee drinks. The grinder on this machine must be a professional burr grinder, otherwise you could never draw such perfect espresso every single time.
The 2 milk drinks with one touch is rare among super automatic machines out there and the quality of the parts tells you that this unit is built to last.
We have all of their appliances too. They are all amazing, beautiful and though.

David R
It saves you thousands of dollars

Amazing machine. It's quite pricey but you wouldn't want to go out for coffee again. That will save you the price of this Miele in a year.

Jacky Xee
Highly recommend it

This CM 6160 machine has been cranking out great drinks for 9 months in our kitchen. I love the option of 2 drinks at the same time. The quality of the drinks are amazing. My old spesso machine was like a joke compared to this. The beautiful look of this Miele is also very shik. The tray is a bit small and you need to empty it often. I wish it was cheaper so I could buy my dad one too.
I used decaf and pumpkin flavored pre grind coffee at nights. The hot water option has a lot of use such as kids cereals, noodle and tea. I basically took the kettle out of the counter.

Emmeli Fox
Miele top coffee maker

My objective was to get back counter space that was taken by a commercial coffee grinder the size of a basketball and a Saeco coffee maker almost as large. I always thought that my coffee was perfect! The grinder made a lot of noise and the coffee maker had to be three steps away. Coffee was ok for 15 minutes no matter how you do it. I use Miele vacuum cleaner and Miele oven for 20 years and trust the Miele quality. I went ahead and ordered Miele Cm6160.
This Miele machine grinds quietly and provides a perfect coffee in seconds. I could never serve two people at once so it works fine. I never use milk so that technology is wasted on me. The machine doesn’t trust you to empty rinse water and grinds. So sometimes I have to fake a procedure. It’s easy. I don’t like so much plastic but it looks good and works very well. I have mineral free water that doesn’t produce scale… so I have yet to see how far the machine will go to demand descaling procedure. I think I can fake that too. I use light roast coffee beans that are perfect for regular coffee and espresso. I can say with much experience, if Miele makes something, it is the best.