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Jura ENA8 Super Automatic Coffee Machine - Metropolitan Black

Brand: Jura
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New Generation Jura ENA8 - Metropolitan Black

Is this the right model for you? Should you buy this model? To help you decide, we’ve answered the most common questions our customers ask. Hopefully, you’ll know exactly if this is the right model for you when you read through.

What types of coffee can this machine make?

This model can make pretty much any drink you'd like. It has 15 drink selections on the menu: Espresso, 2 × Espresso, Coffee, 2 × Coffee, Caffè Barista, Espresso doppio, Cortado, Cappuccino, Cappuccino Extra Shot, Flat white, Flat white Extra Shot, Latte macchiato, Latte macchiato Extra Shot, Portion of milk foam, Hot water

What is the capacity of the water reservoir?

The model has a 1.1-liter water reservoir, which allows you to brew 3-4 drinks before needing a refill. We recommend this model for smaller households of 1-2 people.

Does it have a built-in grinder?

Yes. This model has a built-in grinder with adjustable settings, ensuring your coffee is made from freshly ground beans every time.

Can I use non-dairy milk alternatives with the milk frother?

Yes, Although Jura's milk frothing system works best with 2-3% dairy milk, the "Barista" version of various non-dairy milk alternatives like almond, soy, and oat milk work as well allowing you to enjoy your favorite drinks with the milk of your choice.

Is it user-friendly?

Absolutely. Being a super-automatic machine, you can choose and make amazing, cafe-quality drinks with just a touch of a button.

Is it easy to clean and maintain?

Yes. This machine is easy to maintain. It rinses itself every time you turn it on or off. If you use the machine to make milk based drinks, you will need to clean the milk pipework at the end of the day, which is a very easy process. You do need to descale the unit every 2-3 months (depending on usage and water hardness) if you do not use Jura water filters, and you need to clean the machine using cleaning tablets (a really easy, hands-off process) every 2-3 months.

Can it make two cups at once?

Yes, this model allows for two drinks (of the same kind) to be made at the same time.

What are the dimensions and weight?

This is a compact and lightweight model with dimensions (W × H × D) of 10.7 in × 12.7 in × 17.5 in in. It weighs 20.7 pounds.

Is this machine suitable for beginners?

Yes, if you can turn on a TV or operate a microwave, you can use a Jura. Even beginners will find Jura machines easy to use with their intuitive interfaces, step-by-step guides, and automatic maintenance prompts. 

Is it compatible with coffee beans, coffee pods, or ground coffee?

This machine works with coffee beans in the main hopper and has a ground coffee chute, giving you flexibility. It does not use coffee pods. One of the key features of this machine is that it grinds coffee beans and brews fresh coffee for every cup, unlike coffee pod machines.

Does it have programmable settings?

Absolutely. With programmable settings, you can customize your brew strength, temperature, and portion size. Choose from 10 strength levels (6-10 grams dose of coffee) and 3 levels of brewing temperature, and Individually programmable amount of milk/milk foam creating your perfect cup each time.

How does it handle milk frothing?

Jura's advanced milk frothing system creates barista-quality, finely textured foam, perfect for lattes and cappuccinos.

What size cups can the Jura machine accommodate?

The adjustable spout height can accommodate cup sizes ranging from 2.7 – 5.4  inches for your drink preferences.

Does this machine come in different colors?

Yes, this model is also available in Nordic White.

What kind of user support and resources are available?

We are Jura Experts and happy to help with any questions. Also, Jura Canada offers extensive customer support, including user manuals, online tutorials, and a dedicated customer service team to assist with any questions or issues.

Does it have a warranty?

Yes, it comes with a comprehensive 2-year warranty (parts and labor included) for your peace of mind.

Anything else I should consider before buying this model?

Yes, considering the price difference, we strongly recommend you consider the E8 models instead, because you get much better value and features for not much more money. To be exact, you get a much bigger water container so much less refills, larger coffee dose for stronger drinks and bigger drip tray, so much less emptying.

What's in the Box?

Jura ENA8 | 2X Descaling Tablets | 6X Cleaning Tablets | Milk Pipe Tube | Instruction Booklet


Ristretto | Espresso | Coffee | Cappuccino | Macchiato | Espresso Doppio | Latte macchiato | Flat white | Portion of milk foam | Portion of milk | Hot water | Hot water for green tea




The JURA ENA8 Super Automatic Coffee Machine in Metropolitan Black boasts a compact design, measuring just 27.1 cm wide, 32.3 cm high, and 44.5 cm deep. With its space-saving dimensions, this one-cup machine fits comfortably in any kitchen or workspace, offering convenience without sacrificing performance or style.

One Touch Function

The JURA ENA8 Super Automatic Coffee Machine in Metropolitan Black boasts a convenient One Touch Function feature. With its front-facing 2.8" TFT display and clearly defined operating panels, it offers simplicity in use, ensuring an effortless coffee-making experience for all users. Enjoy intuitive operation and convenience with every cup brewed.

Pulse Extraction Process (P.E.P)

The variable brewing unit has a capacity of 6 to 10 grams and ensures the ideal brewing conditions at all times. The Pulse Extraction Process (P.E.P.) developed by JURA optimises the extraction time. To make a ristretto or espresso, it forces the hot water through the ground coffee at short intervals. This process allows the flavours of the coffee to fully develop.

Multi-level AromaG3 Grinder

The multi-level AromaG3 grinder ensures that the coffee is optimally ground. By perfecting the cutting angle inside the grinding cone, the JURA engineers have managed to increase efficiency significantly. As a result, the perfect aroma can now be achieved in all its natural fullness in half the grinding time. So now coffee lovers can enjoy pure and perfect coffee indulgence with less preparation time.

Intelligent Water System

Use Jura Water Filters and you never have to descale the unit. RFID technology detects whether the new CLEARYL Smart mini (1,000 oz) or CLEARYL Smart (2,000 oz) is being used and adapts the settings automatically

Ground Coffee Chute

In addition to the bean container, Jura coffee machines also have a chute for pre-ground coffee. To make drinks using pre-ground coffee, add a portion of ground coffee to the ground coffee chute. This allows you to make decaffeinated coffee even if the bean container is already filled with regular coffee beans.

Individual Setting

With the JURA ENA8 Super Automatic Coffee Machine in Metropolitan Black, enjoy personalized perfection with its Individual Setting feature. Tailor your drink with 10 adjustable coffee strength levels and 3 programmable brewing temperature and hot water temperature options. Craft your ideal brew, ensuring every

Dishwasher Friendly

Easy cleaning in the dishwasher. The ComfortClean system makes hygiene very easy. Many of the coffee machine parts, such as the water container and the waste container can be easily cleaned in the dishwasher. This contributes significantly to the proper maintenance of the appliance.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Jennifer Wood

I bought my first Miele dishwasher from Ron 10 years ago. I have been going back to buy the soaps for my dishwasher and this time I went there, ended up buying this amazing Jura coffee machine! The finest coffee maker we’ve ever owned. Worth the price. Highly automated but very user-friendly in terms of operation. The parts are designed in the renowned Swiss precision and you cannot make a mistake when you put the parts back after you clean them. The coffee it produces is distinctly different and superior in taste even if you use standard beans because the machine’s process enhances and brings out the flavor of how a coffee should taste. Absolutely love it. Thank you Ron for all your help and for your recommendation to buy this Jura Coffee Machine!

Peter Jones
great coffee machine!

The best coffee machine! It makes excellent drinks - I particularly like cappuccinos and this machine can consistently churn out excellent ones.
Thoughtfully designed - there are many nice touches - from the way the machine automatically requests to wash the milk pipework after you make a milk drink, to the way it walks you through step by step when cleaning is required. I bought my machine a couple of weeks ago and it’s excellent for the price and it’s perfect for a family of 5 making a very hot and a super strong espresso. Parameter adjustment for temperature, strength and the amount of water is very simple and straightforward.. I highly recommend this machine!

kelly Taylor
Best Coffee machine!

This Jura coffee machine is any coffee lover's dream, totally worth every single dollar spent on it. I had run through a few coffee machines before but they all had their issues. Either the coffee was not hot enough, or the cleaning was a hassle, or the water container hat to be refilled all the time and finally they usually broke after a year or two. As a result, I decided to spend more money this time and to go with a good quality one. As a matter of fact I saw this Jura at my friends house last year and decided to do a research on it. This machine exceeds the expectations for a coffee machine. The coffee tastes great! You feel like you re in Europe each time you try its coffee. The grinder is very quiet and works smoothly. The design of the machine is very user friendly. It s a piece of cake to clean, refill the water reservoir or to descale. The machine tells you the time for the cleaning, refilling etc. It arrived on time only three days after the purchase. Very easy to set up as well. I am finally a happy coffee lover customer now:)

Amy Sanchez
Best coffee machine out there!

I love this Jura Swiss coffee machine! It brought me back the joy I missed from not being able to go to work due to this pandemic. It is an excellent coffee maker .The machine's operation is simple and straightforward. Most importantly, it produces fantastic coffee; the quality of the coffee that it produces is ammazing; it's easily the best coffee I've ever gotten out of a machine at home. It s also very user friendly and high end looking! Just love it. :)

Helen White
Stylish, unique, well designed!

Im in love with my new Red Jura coffee machine. It seems to be built very well and it brews very fast. The coffee it makes tastes amazing. Love the grinder. It s very quiet and the aroma of coffee is wonderful in the mornings. I love the unique style of this machine and how solid it seems to be. It’s delicate and a beast at the same time. A big plus to me was getting a machine that was 100% made in Switzerland. You can feel the quality just by looking at the machine! It arrived promptly as well. overall very pleased with this purchase!