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Coffee Warehouse Espresso Blend Dark Roast

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Introducing our own brand of Coffee Beans. Roasted to perfection.

Inspired by Italy's passion for extraordinary coffee. This velvety rich Espresso features smoky swirls of cocoa and caramel along with essences of roasted pecan, black cherry and ripe plum.  

Bravado is medium roasted and comprised of 100% Arabica Coffees from 5 different regions.  The result is a completely balanced, smooth cup with traditional espresso flavour.


Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Love it

Lovely rich smoky swirls of cocoa and caramel taste. Love the sent when it is being grinded. The thick crema is amazing.

Nima Mobin
Very Good

pretty good,
It's a medium roast, I normally drink dark roast so at first it was a bit different but over the first couple cups It got better tasting. it has a clean taste, not really bitter, you get about 65 cups of coffee out of what you get in the bag. the aroma on this is fantastic. it is a very gentle clean taste. I do recommend as a treat or fancy gift. Packaging is amazing too.

Shawn Huroon
Love it

Great tasting coffee, freshly and perfectly roasted beans. Delivered in 2 days, Impressive speed!

Dick Cohen
Smooth and pleasant

Smoothest coffee you will ever drink. It's pretty damn rich and amazing.

Ira Sheen
Smooth, fresh and delicious

This coffee is so good! You can tell how fresh the coffee is when you first open the well-sealed and beautifully package. You can get the pecan, black cherry and ripe plum scent the moment you open it. During the week, I drink Keurig cups at work; and on the weekends, I bring out this VW blend coffee and it feels like I've moved from beer to champagne. I highly recommend this coffee.