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Breville Dual Boiler

Brand: Breville
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Breville Dual Boiler

The Dual Boiler is the commercial level model in the manual lineup. It is perfect for customers looking for commercial features and performance in a domestic machine. The dual boiler heating system means that this model gets a separate heating systems for water and one for the group head which means you can extract your espresso whilst simultaneously steaming milk. Also, this is the only model in the manual lineup that gets a 58mm commercial size portafilter which allows for 18-22 grams of coffee. This model does not get an integrated grinder. If you already have a dedicated grinder, or are thinking of getting one, the Dual Boiler is the perfect match.

These are the best features of the Barista Express:

  • LCD. Displays all the information you need to deliver the perfect espresso extraction.
  • 58mm Portafilter: allows up to 22 grams of grinds
  • Dual Boiler. The dual boiler heating system allows you to extract espresso and steam milk simultaneously, so your coffee comes together faster. It also means this machine is great at handling volume.


  • Manual or Automatic
  • Single or Double Shot
  • Auto start/auto off timer
What's in the Box?

Breville Barista Express | Stainless Steel Milk Jug | Portafilter | Cleaning Tablets | Descaling Powder | Single and Dual Wall 1-cup and 2-cup baskets | water filter holder and filter | The dosing funnel | Allen Key | Cleaning Tools | The Razor | Instruction Booklet


Ristretto | Espresso | Americano | Cappuccino | Macchiato | Espresso Doppio | Latte | Flat white | Milk foam | Hot Milk | Hot water



Dual Boiler

Experience coffee perfection with the Breville Dual Boiler Express Coffee Machine. Its advanced Dual Boiler heating system allows simultaneous extraction and steam, with a heated group head for seamless coffee-making. Stainless steel boilers, with PID temperature control, ensure water reaches the exact temperature needed for maximum flavor. Elevate your coffee experience with precise temperature control and simultaneous extraction, consistently savoring the richness of your favorite brews.

58mm Basket

Elevate your coffee experience with the Breville Dual Boiler and its 58mm stainless steel portafilter. Precision-engineered for perfection, it accommodates a 22g dose for impeccable brews. Customize your coffee with included Dual and Single wall filters, ensuring every cup is tailored to perfection. Experience the versatility and precision of the Breville Express Coffee Machine, delivering consistently exceptional coffee with every brew.

Simple Interface

Experience complete control with the Breville Dual Boiler and its Simple Interface feature. Choose between volumetric or timed shot settings for a flawless espresso every time. Customize your coffee experience by selecting 1 or 2 shots, or manually adjusting the espresso quantity to suit your preferences perfectly. Elevate your coffee enjoyment with precise control, ensuring consistently impeccable results with every cup.

Included in the box

Included in the box with the Breville Dual Boiler are essential accessories for your coffee-making needs: a 58mm stainless steel portafilter, 1 and 2 cup single and dual wall filter baskets, the Razor™ precision dosing tool, a milk jug, an integrated tamper, a cleaning kit, and a water filter. With these items, you have everything necessary to brew delicious coffee with precision and ease.

Manual Milk Frother

Our state-of-the-art steam wands are engineered for swift transformation of milk into a lusciously smooth microfoam, guaranteeing a delightful silkiness. Elevate your coffee creation skills and indulge in the joy of easily achieving professional-grade microfoam for that perfect latte art pour.

Low Pressure Pre Infusion

Begin your coffee journey with a low-pressure pre-infusion, paving the way for a high-pressure (9 bar) extraction process facilitated by our powerful 15-bar Italian pump. Elevate your espresso experience as this unique process ensures a velvety texture and captivating flavor profile, setting the stage for a truly satisfying cup every time.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Perfect for bed and breakfast places

I run a bed and breakfast and this Dual Boiler is the star at our morning buffet. It runs the whole show by itself. We can serve multiple guests one after another. You don't need to wait for the espresso to run then you go to milk frothing. It has 2 boilers that means the froth and the beans extraction can happen simontiusly. Have in mind that this unit doesn't have a grinder. You need to have a grinder next to it.
Perfect machine for our place. Highly recommend it.

5 out of 5 stars. A pricey machine, but totally worth it.

I have been through a couple of espresso machines but none of them can match the quality espresso output of the Breville Dual boiler. Complete brew temperature control, a standard 58mm portafilter, volume or timed shot output, heated brew head, dual boilers for "making espresso and texturing milk simultaneously", pre-infusion timing as well as pre-infusion pump pressure all make this a serious machine for getting consistent espresso shots. Best bang for the buck dual boiler on the market. Easy descaling in the Version 3 software, auto-on timer is a bonus feature that makes for a happy morning espresso routine. There are many other programmable features as well what I have mentioned. It may not be an Italian quality built La Marazzoco but I am convinced it produces an espresso shot equally as good with more features than some of the big names in espresso machines.
I got on sale AND got free shipping at site.

Espresso at its best

It is a great value for a quality dual boiler stainless steel espresso machine. This machine has two stainless steel boilers and functions just like professional units costing more than twice the price. It also has many Pro features like: Electronic PID Temperature Control, Regulated Extraction Pressure, Low Pressure Pre-infusion, Dual pumps, Programmable Shot Temperature and Shot Clock to name a few. All of this to help you make the perfect shot. Quality stainless steel construction throughout. I like the 58mm (standard size) portafilter and the heated group head. The removable water tank holds 3 litres of water and can be filled without removing it by adding water through an access port at the top front of the unit. The drip tray holds up to 1 litre of overflow before it require emptying.
I wish the screen was larger and easier to read. I am not getting any younger and my eyes are not that sharp anymore.
I highly recommend this unit if you enjoy espresso the way it should be made. It comes with one Charcoal water filter and and a couple of Espresso Cleaning Tablets Charcoal filter should be replaced every two months or less depending on your water quality.
You will love your coffee and your mornings.