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Breville Barista Touch

Brand: Breville
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$1,279.99 CAD $1,599.99 Save $320.00

Breville Barista Touch

The Barista Touch introduces touch screen controls and increased automation to the Barista series espresso machines. This model is perfect for people who want to make a great tasting coffee with the ease of automation. The Barista Touch combines the beloved features of the best-selling Barista Express™ machine with advanced automation and user-friendly touchscreen controls. With the Barista Touch, you get a touchscreen display, ThermoJet heating system,integrated grinder, and the added convenience of Auto MilQ™ technology.

These are the best features of the Barista Touch

  • Integrated Baratza European precision burr grinder.
  • ThermoJet heating system heats up the machine and ready to use in 3 seconds.
  • Hands-free microfoam. Auto Milq creates silky foam for you.
  • Easy to use touchscreen


  • 5 Pre-Programmed Recipes
  • Create, save and name up to 8 customizable coffee recipes
  • Adjustable grind control
  • Hot water
  • Adjustable brew temperature
  • Adjustable volumetric shot control
What's in the Box?

Breville Barista Express | Stainless Steel Milk Jug | Portafilter | Cleaning Tablets | Descaling Powder | Single and Dual Wall 1-cup and 2-cup baskets | Water filter holder and filter | The dosing funnel | Allen Key | Cleaning Tools | The Razor | Instruction Booklet


Ristretto | Espresso | Americano | Cappuccino | Macchiato | Espresso Doppio | Latte | Flat white | Milk foam | Hot Milk | Hot water



Baratza Grinder

Baratza European Precision Burrs features 30 grind settings. Elevate your coffee ritual with the integrated precision conical burr grinder, ensuring a perfect coffee dose every time for a seamless and delightful journey.

54mm Basket

54mm stainless steel portafilter ensures an optimal dose of 18g of freshly ground beans for a rich and complex taste, satisfying even the most discerning coffee enthusiasts with a perfect balance of aroma and taste.


Adjust coffee strength, milk texture, and temperature with ease. Create and save up to 8 personalised coffees with a user-friendly touchscreen interface for your favorite coffee at the touch of your fingertips.

Dosing Funnel

Reduce mess and waste with the Dosing Funnel attachment for the portafilter, preventing coffee grinds from overflowing. Made from BPA-free materials and dishwasher safe for less mess and waste.

Auto MilQ

Barista Touch's Auto MilkQ lets you effortlessly customize temperature and texture, creating silky microfoam for latte art. Enjoy automated perfection or unleash your inner barista for a personalized coffee experience.

ThermoJet heating system

Breville Barista Touch boasts the innovative ThermoJet heating system, reaching optimal extraction temperature in a mere 3 seconds. Ditch the wait times! It's ready to craft your perfect coffee instantly, ensuring consistent quality and delicious results every single time.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Better than I expected

It is simple, reliable and efficient. It gives you the best coffee and other specific drinks in minutes.
The instruction is easy to follow and unit looks very good on the counter. I enjoy the milk base drinks in particular. Cleaning is also fairly simple.

Not for an office use

I purchased this unit after reading a review that suggested this Barista touch for an office use. It is not a good model for the office. The water tank and bean hopper is to small. We offer drinks to our clients at our dealership. You get embraced all the times as either the tank is empty or the bean hopper. It takes a lot to refill.

Extremely well made machine

We've been making espresso on home machines for 30 years and can pull a good shot from even a cheap machine. Prior to buying this beauty I was using an old breville unit. It is a very nice machine and I have enjoyed it for many years. I am getting old and my dexterity is not so great now. I started having difficulty steaming milk without burning myself. I watched some reviews on this machine and thought it was worth a try. As with all machines it took some time tweaking the grind size and amount. Those settings are then stored for all the programmed drink selections. The pre-programmed drink selections are actually all the same setting for brew time but different froth settings. The touch screen allows you to tweak each drink to your taste. When you have designed your perfect drink you can label and save it. After that it an easy and consistently good experience. The frothing wand is a pleasure to use. Having that hands-free minute allows for a quick clean up. The foam levels are each slightly different but all are pretty smooth micro foam. This is a beautiful machine and worth the upgrade.

Worth every penny

First I thought I spent too much on a coffee machine, but after while I realized that how much joy and money I had lost before having this breville unit.
This has been a huge money saver! I often went to our local coffee shop I do miss seeing people and the lovely baristas! I do love this machine and the selection I have and it’s allowed me to explode making espresso oat chocolate chip cookies and other things!

An investment for home and office

We had a relative introduce us to this coffee maker and I couldn’t imagine him spending that much money until I tasted the coffee he made! The machine is admittedly pricey and intimidating at first, but the digital interface is very user friendly. Once you get the hang of it, it’s super easy to use. Add in some coffee flavoring and/or flavored creamer and you’d never know the coffee didn’t come from Starbucks! If you’re spending $6+ a day buying someone else’s coffee, the machine will pay for itself in no time. We bought it for personal home use, but I could see this being a good investment for a small company’s break room. Your employees would thank you for sure!