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Breville Barista Pro Espresso Machine

Brand: Breville
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Breville Barista Pro Espresso Machine

The Barista Pro is the next level up from the entry level Barrista Express with 3 major upgrades.

  1. LCD Screen: The LCD display provides you with all the information you need to customize your shot volume and brew temperature to your individual taste with more precision.
  2. It is Fast: Thermojet Heating system which cuts down the warmup time from 30 seconds to 3 seconds. Perfect for the impatient coffee lover.
  3. Upgraded grinder: 30 precision grind settings to fine-tune flow rate and extraction to suit every preference.

The Barrista Pro espresso machine is the ideal product for people who want to be hands on like a barista, with manual milk texturing to deliver amazing specialty coffee at home. This is a great choice for people who do not wish to invest into a separate grinder and prefer to have a built in grinder.


  • Intuitive LCD interface
  • 30 precision grind settings
  • Preset single or double shot
  • Hot water
  • Adjustable brew temperature
  • Adjustable volumetric shot control
  • Menu button (for programmable options)
What's in the Box?

Breville Barista Express | Stainless Steel Milk Jug | Portafilter | Cleaning Tablets | Descaling Powder | Single and Dual Wall 1-cup and 2-cup baskets | water filter holder and filter | The dosing funnel | Allen Key | Cleaning Tools | The Razor | Instruction Booklet


Ristretto | Espresso | Americano | Cappuccino | Macchiato | Espresso Doppio | Latte | Flat white | Milk foam | Hot Milk | Hot water



Baratza Grinder

Baratza European Precision Burrs features 30 grind settings, offering a seamless and delightful coffee-making journey with the right amount of coffee on demand.

54mm Basket

The Barista Pro's 54mm stainless steel portafilter cradles 18g of fresh grounds for optimal extraction, resulting in a flavor-packed cup bursting with rich, complex notes.

Simple Interface

User-friendly interface offers volumetric shot control, empowering you to tailor each cup to perfection for a personalized and delightful experience.

Auto Dose

The Barista Pro's innovative Dosing Funnel seamlessly attaches to the portafilter, minimizing spills and grounds waste for a cleaner and more efficient coffee-making experience.

Manual Milk Frother

Breville Barista Pro boasts state-of-the-art steam wands. Transform milk into silky smooth microfoam, ideal for creating professional-grade latte art and elevating your coffee experience.

ThermoJet heating system

The Breville Barista Pro's revolutionary ThermoJet system heats to optimal extraction temperature in a mere 3 seconds. Ditch the wait - craft your finest coffee instantly, for an effortless and consistently delicious experience every time.

Customer Reviews

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It makes my family happier.

You are going to love it. It is slik, fast and practical. The unit size is perfect for countertops. The screen is not that large but it is readable. The grinder is extremely precise. The frother is powerful and professional. I make all kind of fancy drinks daily. It is the best way to please your loved ones at home.

Just buy It!

If this is in your shopping cart now, just go a head and buy it. You will thank me later.

This is a wonderful machine. Everything you need for great coffee and great morning

This Barista Pro looks amazing on our countertop. Within a few tries I managed to pull very good tasting and nicely balanced shots with perfect crema. Getting the grind setting right is very important and it will vary between coffee beans so take your time to play around with the settings a bit. The 30 incremental grind settings allow for precise results and once you have it dialled in you won’t be dissatisfied. The 3 second heat up time is mind blowing. Hot water is ready instantly and the steam wand produces great textured milk (with practice). We use it 2 to 3 times a day for over a year now with not a single issue. I do recommend to buy a bottomless portafilter to be able to see the extraction and see any channeling in order to correct it. Also a calibrated tamper will probably help. Be aware that some coffee beans may require a grind setting adjustment of up to 15 increments on the dial. Quite the range difference between beans we have noticed. Coffee Warehouse beans blend is very good. They sent us one pack for free. Have fun and Enjoy. I know we do!

Très satisfait de notre achat!

Le broyeur est très précis. Lorsque vous avez déterminé la durée de broyage qui vous convient , le volume de café est précis.

Un gros avantage est la rapidité d’obtenir la vapeur.

Trouver la recette qui nous convient fut facile et rapide. Par la suite, cette machine répète agréablement bien. Chaque café est un délice!