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Breville Oracle

Brand: Breville
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Breville Oracle

The Oracle has automatic grinding, dosing, tamping and milk texturing. It can extract espresso and texture milk simultaneously, enabling you to go from beans to latte in under a minute. The Oracle is perfect for customers looking for a manual espresso machine that delivers commercial performance, and can help them grind, dose, tamp, and texture milk. The Oracle gets a Dual Boiler heating system which allows you to extract espresso and texture milk simultaneously, enabling you to go from beans to latte quickly and easily.

  • Commercial 58mm Portafilter: Allows up to 22 grams of grinds
  • Auto On/Off: The Oracle can be set to automatically wake up at your preferred time, so it’s warmed up and ready to go as soon as that first morning coffee is needed — immediately
  • Dual Boiler


  • One touch long black/americano
  • Independently adjustable brew and steam boiler temperature
  • Auto start/auto off timer
  • Adjustable grind control
  • Hot water
  • Programmable pre-infusion


2 Year: Your Breville product is covered by a Limited Warranty from the date of purchase. Should your Breville product have a defect in material or workmanship within the warranty period, subject to applicable terms as summarized below, Breville, at their sole discretion will repair or replace it with the same model or comparable replacement free of charge, or apply such other remedy as described below.

What's in the Box?

| Breville Barista Express | Stainless Steel Milk Jug | Portafilter | Cleaning Tablets | Descaling Powder | Single and Dual Wall 1-cup and 2-cup baskets | water filter holder and filter | The dosing funnel | Allen Key | Cleaning Tools | The Razor | Instruction Booklet |


Ristretto, Espresso, Americano, Cappuccino, Macchiato, Espresso Doppio, Latte, Flat white, Milk foam, Hot Milk, Hot water

Customer Reviews

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Lovely mashine

I don't know where to start? The Oracle is a beautiful looking machine. It's really well designed and flatters my mornings. In fact, it makes some of the best coffee this side of a professional barista. It doesn't need a huge amount of skill to get great tasting coffee
Prior to the Oracle I had a small manual machine which allowed me to pull an espresso and steam the milk at the same time. I'd also bought a massive, grinder and spent many a happy hour trying to dial in the perfect grind, tamp and pull. I think it's fair to say that I failed pretty miserably. After a year I started to turn out milk that was close to what I'd expect from a latte, but it probably took another year before I got it right more than I got it wrong. I'm not sure my espressos were ever much good. So you'll understand I was a perfect candidate for the Oracle. This isn't a fully automatic machine - you'll pay another few hundred for the Breville version of that kind - but it does take control of the things I'd been having trouble with - the grind, tamp and frothing - while still allowing me to set up the results the way I prefer them.

At first the Oracle is a little intimidating, so I found it best to accept the default settings and work from there. If you're contemplating spending this much you probably won't need me to tell you that using decent coffee beans is really important.
Two filter baskets are provided, for single or double shots, though I pretty much exclusively use the double. There are some excellent videos on YouTube which show how to set up for the perfect espresso.
Cleaning the machine is easy and enjoyable. The machine will tell you when you should do it if you forget. It'll also tell you more irregularly to descale. It takes few minutes.
I can only scratch the surface in this review in covering the amount of refining you can make to your coffee. I should say that you can also make Americano if you prefer that drink, and you can set the volume of liquid according to the size of the mug you use.

This machine is a bit expensive, but if you're serious about your coffee, and maybe struggle to get good results from a manual machine, give the Oracle serious consideration. You are going to love it.